Every bride wants to feel the marvel of beauty and be completely unforgettable on the day she decides to celebrate love with her partner.

The story of a dress on that special day is a completely personal experience. It will hide all the values and memories you hold dear and therefore has to be unique. Everything on this wonderfully happy day has to be perfect!

When you’ve come to the point in your planning where you more or less know whether you’d like to have a small and intimate event or a big and lavish party, also where it would be held, then please kindly come and visit us. Your perfect dress will be designed by Tiina and hand-made by her experienced team.

For the very first meeting with Tiina, please book a time and block at least 1,5 hours from your day as that’s when you get to know each other and the team. Tiina will be all ears regarding your thoughts and emotions about your special day. You will also be talking about your body and curves, what you like, what not, and what you’d rather hide or accentuate. You will look at fabrics together and hopefully make a moulage of your future dress which will definitely give you a more specific information about what the right choice for you might be.

It’s possible that we will finish the sketch of the dress already on our first meeting; saying that, very often you would need to meet Tiina again before the actual materialisation of your dress to talk through even the tiniest details.

On average, your dress will be ready in a period of a week to a month and during this period, we usually perform 2-4 fittings. The timeline of course is completely dependent on the complexity of the dress and also how often your personal schedule allows you to see us.

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