Tiina’s Story

Tiina’s love and passion for beauty dates back to as far as her childhood. She started designing clothing for women after receiving a degree in fashion from the Estonian Academy of Arts in 1997. The pleasure she gets from the bittersweet process of playing with fabrics and colours to an outcome, shows her true and everlasting passion for her work.

Tiina is still a true believer that fashion is a form of art. She owns a very specific vision of femininity which reflects in all the collections born from her sketches. At the same time, Tiina is always open to inspiration and often surprises with the diversity of the themes of her collections.

Tiina’s so-called handwriting is recognisable but no one collection is similar to another.

Tiina Talumees couture is a tailor-made brand that stands up to no price wars. The key element here is sustainability. We care for the environment and dearly support long-term consumption. Your new garments are born from carefully chosen fabrics taking into account every detail and analysing its potential purpose. Our hope is that your clothes can be worn for a long time with their value growing with time.

The majority of the fabrics have been bought from Northern Italy. Custom-made orders of different patterns are printed on wool, silk and viscose in Como.

From the studio on Maakri St. together with the shop online, you will find different sizes from mini collections as well as special editions -one of a kind garments for both everyday wear as well as more celebratory occasions.

Should you feel that Tiina’s design talks to you personally and you would like to meet her and be part of a process creating a special dress, coat or any other garment, then please write or call to us!

Book a time suitable for you.

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